October 29, 2008


I am compelled to sketch my reflection about this movie in English.  In fact, this trouble is self-amplifying.  I use this film as my course materials and ask my undergraduate students to write a short report about it.  Inescapably, students would google around when they need to write their reports. I don't want them to find my blog by chance and subsequently unearth my hidden identity.  I regard this blog as my private arena, the field that I can share my life with my old pals and get myself acquainted with my new friends. It is even the place I am free to speak curse words. As a consequence, my notion about this film is described in English.

The synopsis for this film is  as expected.  No difficulty to guess what would happen. Just like a vivid documentary. Nonetheless, the image is so evocative. Even too haunting. You can really connect to the life of the Alzheimer's patient. Day by day, step by step, they are close to lose everything they have owned and to forget everyone they have loved. And there is no cure. They have to witness themselves swamped into the trap composed of endless despair. Totally devastating, especially they were once the individuals of strong mind. 

This film doesn't make me cry. But it makes me scared. I am always proud of my decent memory. I am too afraid to think if I lost it one day. More frighteningly, this film depicts the gradual collapse of the image of "me" and the crack of every interpersonal relationship that have intertwined.  It is too hard for everyone to tackle...

Kanako Higuchi is so beautiful and graceful in the film!!!  

When it comes the movie about this type of issue, I actually like "50 First Dates" more. I even have its soundtrack! 

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YFC said...

50 first dates, what a lovely movie! But this reminds me another movie, Notebook. Anyway, my point is i am a big fan of Yukihiko Tsutsumi